The origin of the name “Out of Umbria” is just a reference to  the wonderful movie: “Out of Africa”.My aim is to bring you the essence, the essential of Umbria itself. I look back to the recent and the more distant past – as it were, a return to the roots of Umbria; and you will find here objects that are genuinely modern, but “made with love in Umbria”. I hope that you, too, will fall for their charm.

Every piece, every item is unique. And a default is just the sign of the hand of the craftsman.
The logo is one of the small Etruscan figures known as an ‘orante’.
These are small, female figures, often made of lead and dating back to the 5th century before Christ, many of which have been found in Umbria.
The ‘orante’ have their arms wide open in adoration. They wear a long robe and a pointed hat known as a ‘tutulus’.
I fell for them at first sight!

My research – my travel back to Umbria’s roots – starts chronologically with the rich Etruscan civilisation, wide-spread over the Western part of Umbria.
The museums, such as those in Orvieto and Perugia, as well as exhibitions and books, have provided me with raw material.

So, how does it work?
  • I start with historical research
  • I choose patterns that work with today’s fashions
  • I look for the most suitable raw materials
  • I choose objects used in daily life
  • I sketch possible designs
  • I find craftsmen capable of producing to our standards
  • I photograph the outcomes
  • I upload the pictures to our site