Black bucchero vase satin and glossy finished with scented candle


Black bucchero vase with scented candle



Product description

 Black bucchero vase with some parts satin finished or glossy and the “orante” figure in gold (gold leaf).

The glossy areas have been smoothed with boxwood. The “orante” figure is painted in gold.

The candle is scented with essence of pomegranate

Measurements in centimeters:

Maximum diameter: 7.5

Height: 10/11

Gold “orante”: 3.5

The scented vegetable wax, hand made in Umbria, is of top quality.

Each piece is unique and “hand made in Umbria”. However sizes may vary by a few millimeters.

This black vase is a bucchero created by Out of Umbria.

Bucchero is an etruscan creation dating from the 7th century BC.


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